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The Les Militantes brand offers you a collection of elegant, comfortable plus-size clothing made from quality materials. We feature pieces in soft or bright colors and flattering cuts that will make you feel beautiful and comfortable.

Flattering cuts

The cuts of the garments in the collection have been designed to enhance the curves of curvaceous women. Fluid dresses and skirts, for example, are must-have pieces that will make you feel comfortable and confident.
Our pants are available in 2 different morphologies for pre-orders.

Parisian know-how

The garments in our collection are made in Paris, in artisanal workshops that place a premium on quality. Polyester is avoided as much as possible, the materials used are noble and durable, and finishes are meticulous.

The limited edition

The garments in the collection are made in limited editions, making them unique and precious. You'll have the chance to stand out from the crowd with clothes that look like no others. Each model is made up of between 10 and a maximum of 40 pieces.

Collection highlights

  • Fluid long dress in viscose : This fluid long dress is perfect for special occasions. It's made from a light, flowing fabric that will keep you comfortable all day long. The flared cut highlights your curves.
  • Cotton gabardine pants : These pants are comfortable and elegant. They are made from cotton gabardine with a small percentage of elastane. The cut enhances your silhouette, and the beige and khaki colors are timeless.
  • Long skirt in viscose : This skirt, available in several colors and prints, is both chic and casual. It's made from flowing fabrics that will make you feel at ease.
  • Oversized shirt in cotton poplin : This shirt is a wardrobe staple. It's made from a noble, durable fabric that will give you many years of wear. Available in a range of colors or stripes, it adds a personal touch to your style.
  • Velvet blazer : The Militantes' signature piece, our velvet blazer is our best seller. Its cut, studied for months, suits all body types. Its thick, dense cotton velvet makes it an exceptional piece.

The Les Militantes collection is an ode to beauty and self-confidence. Our garments are elegant, comfortable and meticulously crafted. They'll make you feel beautiful and at ease, whatever the occasion. And for a long time to come...

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