Pourquoi les tailles 44 et plus ne sont pas présentes sur les portants des créateurs ? - Les Militantes

Why are sizes 44 and above not present on designer racks?

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How many times have we asked ourselves this question?

Personally hundreds of times. Is there only one answer? And is it admissible?

You should know that in France, in Fashion schools, we learn to design and make clothes in size 36 and only in size 36... The 40 is already very much out of the norm in these schools... And yet , we could imagine that from school we start to think about all bodies, right? Since beyond 44, the model is no longer the same. What is worked in 2D and in a fairly linear manner from 34 to 42, must be worked in 3D with jumps in size from 44. And if no one learns it, how do you expect us to move forward?

This also means that very few modelers know our specificities. Those who are interested in this subject, to which the majority turn a blind eye, have quite atypical backgrounds. They are rare, and therefore difficult to find. They are precious, and we must thank them.

I also learned, while looking for workshops, that they could not all make our sizes. The material is not suitable. For example, not all cutting tables are big enough! This further reduces the possibilities...

We know well that what is rare is expensive... So all of this has a cost, obviously. And then, we can't lie, making it in our sizes requires more fabric. So more cost. The cost... This argument so often used by creators...

Except that if we can understand that a young brand cannot invest as much as it would like initially, the "established" brands could expand their size ranges over time. We feel a stirring on this side, but this is not the case for the majority.

Some ready-to-wear sellers say that they see customers arriving to whom they cannot offer anything, since they do not have any items larger than size 42. Some have informed the brands that They distribute, and have sometimes received surprising, or rather, disgusting, feedback: "our clothes are not made for these people"... Could this be the real answer? Would it be shameful for a designer to see his collections worn by women dressing in 54?

Finally, we often hear that these sizes are not manufactured because there is no demand. And yet 40% of French women dress in size 44 and over. Do they walk around naked? Would they stay at home so as not to show themselves? Of course not ! Brands just need to understand that by excluding them, these 40% of women no longer even look at what is being done, certain of not finding their size.

These are all the excuses I have heard or read. No matter how much I turn them around, for me, none of them are admissible. And for you ?


C’est vrai que le constat est navrant, les femmes “moelleuses” n’ont que trop peu de choix.
Mais ça, c’était avant !!!!! Puisque vous êtes là et qu’à partir de septembre nous aurons, nous les moelleuses, les dodues, les fortes, les potelées….. LE SITE à notre image.
Bravo, bravo, bravo, il me tarde la rentrée

Blanchard Marilyn

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