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Plus-size fashion: which basics to include in your wardrobe?

In the vocabulary of fashion, the terms "basics" or "essentials" describe those indispensable pieces that form the foundation of a versatile, timeless wardrobe.

The idea of basics has a special significance. These fundamental pieces form the pillars of a versatile and stylish wardrobe, offering the flexibility to create a variety of looks, whether for everyday wear, work or special occasions.
These plus-size fashion basics are not just limited to functional garments. They also serve as a backdrop for the expression of personality. They act as foundations on which to build unique styles, bold looks and innovative combinations.

Why not try out a shopping experience and build up an essential, stylish wardrobe?

Femme grande taille portant un jean, une chemise blanche et un gilet sans manche en velours noir et sequins

The white shirt

Is plus-size fashion possible without a white shirt? It seems difficult. White shirts can be mixed and matched with any color, easily accessorized and worn in all circumstances. Whether fitted or oversized, it's a perfect fit for any look.
Strict with a pantsuit and pumps, casual over jeans with sneakers, fun with a big, colorful necklace and derbies. Mixing and matching is easy and effective, so you'll never feel like you're wearing the same shirt.

Plus-size fashion without the universal T-shirt?

A straight T-shirt that doesn't pinch. A material that's comfortable but holds up. A plunging V-neck or round neck. The perfect length. Sleeves that hide the little things you don't want to show. Plain, under a blazer for a slightly chic effect, or under a denim jacket for a more casual look. The right basic tee-shirt in plus-size fashion is the one you'll feel good in every day, that you'll want to wear again and again, and mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe for every occasion.

Femme portant une jupe noire avec une veste jean, ou un blouson cuir

The feminine skirt

Plus-size fashion offers a wide range of skirts, from the tightest to the fullest, allowing each woman to choose her own basic.
At Les Militantes, we've chosen the flowing maxi skirt, which offers incomparable comfort with its elastic waistband, while still being stylish. It gently hugs curves without molding them, creating a chic and elegant bohemian look. For a wardrobe staple, a solid color will do, even if it means mixing it with strong pieces like colorful blouses or accessories.

Robe longue grande taille noire

The black dress

The little black dress, a timeless fashion icon. A staple of plus-size fashion, the black dress is the blank canvas of your inner artist.

An emblematic piece that spans the ages without losing its appeal, it embodies understated elegance and sophistication, suitable for all occasions, from formal events to the wildest soirées.

Add belts, tights and boots in winter, sandals in summer, voluminous jewelry and colorful jackets, and you're ready to go. 1000 outfits are possible, starting with a short or long black dress .

2 femmes grande taille de morphologies différentes portant le même pantalon


Pants are an essential part of any wardrobe, offering comfort and style. When it comes to plus-size fashion, finding quality pants means taking a close look at cuts and fabrics.
Whether straight , carrot-shaped or closer to the body, trousers can be worn with a white shirt, universal tee-shirt or printed blouse. You can even pair it with a longer tunic if you want to conceal your curves. But always for comfort, with a little elastane whenever possible. Because there's nothing worse than pants that cut into your waist or yawn at your bottom, in which you feel uncomfortable at the slightest movement.

Blazer en velours grande taille rouge ou noir

The versatile blazer

Plus-size fashion has often forgotten this essential piece. Yet a good blazer, well cut and adapted to all body types, is an asset to any wardrobe.
Worn with classic pants to the office, or with jeans at the weekend, the blazer is the ideal companion for all the occasions life throws at you.

Kimono grande taille pour femme en soie imprimé cachemire

No, there's nothing sad about plus-size fashion and its basics

Pull out your basics and accessorize! A scarf, a belt, earrings, a necklace, a handbag.... Accessories spice up your basics and make them different every day.

Ultimately, for women, the basics in a dressing room are invaluable tools for creating a universal wardrobe. But remember, the real magic happens when you adapt them to your personal style. Explore, dare and express yourself through your wardrobe to reveal the best version of yourself.

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