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The plus size Black Dress: A classic to pimp

Plus size black long dress

The little black dress, or “LBD” (Little Black Dress), has been a fashion staple for decades. It is elegant, versatile and timeless. However, some women may hesitate to adopt this iconic piece for fear that it will be too sad, too dark, too all-purpose.

This is a common misconception because the plus size black dress can be not only flattering but also bold and very fashionable. In this article, we'll explore how to choose and style the perfect black dress for curvy women.

Why the Plus Size Black Dress?

The black dress is appreciated for its versatility. It can be worn for any occasion, from business meetings to casual evenings to special events. It's a great choice because it creates a clean, elegant silhouette, and can be the foundation of any outfit, in any size. Here are some reasons to choose a black dress:

Unrivaled versatility

The black dress can be adapted to any occasion, from the simplest to the most hyped. Pair it with accessories for a casual daytime look, or add sparkling jewelry and high heels for an elegant evening out. You can wear it to the office, during ceremonies, or for an outing with friends. She will accompany you on all occasions as a faithful ally, on whom you can count without asking any questions.

The basis of creativity

The black dress is a perfect piece to express your personal style from a great basic. You can play with accessories, shoes and jackets to create unique looks. Whether you prefer a classic, bohemian or bold style, the black dress fits perfectly. All you have to do is change your necklace or handbag to have an outfit different from the one worn initially.


Investing in a quality black dress is a sustainable choice. Unlike some trendy pieces that can quickly go out of fashion, the plus size black dress remains relevant year after year. It's a great, timeless investment that's good for your style and your wallet.

Black crepe for plus size dress

How to choose your perfect plus size black dress?

Choosing the perfect black dress depends on several criteria. Here are some tips to guide you in your selection:

Made from quality fabric

The choice of fabric is essential. Opt for quality fabrics that provide good drape and do not wrinkle easily. The way the fabric hangs often does the magic of a model, and you will have the pleasure of bringing a beautiful piece into your wardrobe.

A suitable cut

Make sure the fit of the dress has been worked on in large sizes and hasn't just been scaled up from small sizes. Arms, chest, stomach have specific measurements in large size. If these are not suitable, the dress will give you a “frumpy” look.

Try before you buy (if only…)

We know that trying on a large size black dress in a store is almost impossible since the vast majority of these stores stop at size 40 or 42...
So if you have the chance, try on your dress before you buy it, but if you have to buy it online, make sure returns and refunds are possible.

And above all, choose the one in which you feel good

I wouldn't write a thesis on the GOOD. Do you prefer long sleeves? Opt for long sleeves. Do you prefer short dresses? Do not hesitate. Enjoy yourself in your black dress and don't be afraid of the looks of others.

Styling the Plus Size Black Dress

Once you've chosen the perfect black dress, it's time to style it according to the occasion and your desires. So it's time to have fun, here are some ideas:

Weekend look

For a casual daytime look, pair your black dress with sneakers or ballet flats, a denim jacket and a tote bag. Add sunglasses for a touch of glamour.

Office look

At the office, wear your black dress with elegant pumps, a jacket and a simple necklace. Opt for bright colors in your accessories for a touch of modernity and fantasy.

Evening look

For a special evening, opt for high heels, sparkling jewelry and a chic clutch. A blazer will add a touch of casual elegance.

Bohemian look

For a bohemian look, add a braided leather belt, ankle boots or sandals and why not a felt hat. Opt for jewelry with ethnic motifs and that’s it.

Rock'n'roll look

For a rock'n'roll look, add a belt, boots or cowboy boots, silver jewelry and a leather jacket. A studded handbag and presto, you're ready to go to your favorite rock singer's concert.

Plus size black dress and terracotta bag

In conclusion, the plus size black dress is an essential and timeless piece of any wardrobe. As a summer dress or a winter dress, it is flattering and versatile. When chosen carefully and styled creatively, it becomes a centerpiece of your personal style.

Don't be afraid to experiment with fashion, discover avenues you haven't explored before, and show your self-confidence.

The black dress is THE piece that allows you to gently start having fun with fashion. Before perhaps moving on to prints and bright colors for your dresses, skirts or shirts.

Because after all, fashion is a fantastic way to express yourself and celebrate your own beauty, whatever your size.

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