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How to dress after 50?

Reaching your fifties often marks a period of transition.
At work, you're considered a senior. A few wrinkles start to appear. Menopause sets in...
In other words, all the signals are there to make you believe that beyond this limit, your ticket is no longer valid... Which is obviously not true.

How to dress after 50?

Start by sorting your clothes

We're getting rounder, we can't help it, Mother Nature has decided that menopause was made for us ladies.
So take courage and sort out your dressing room.
Bye bye, dresses and pants you haven't been able to wear for 3 years.
And if you decide to keep them, hide them.

But you can also sell them or donate them to charities to give them a nice second life, don't you think?

Don't sacrifice comfort

In fact, it's a shame to wait 50 years to say so.
How many times have you found yourself trying to hide that bulge that just won't fit into your skirt?
Choose clothes that fit, because nothing will make you look bigger than something that's too small.

S'habiller après 50 ans robe longue grande taille

Play with textures and materials

When it comes to dressing after 50, the variety of textures and materials in your wardrobe can make all the difference. Playing with these elements can create sophisticated yet comfortable looks, adding a touch of originality and refinement to every outfit.
Clothes are more than just a cover.
They represent an opportunity to play with a multitude of fabrics. Silk, soft and flowing, adds a touch of luxury to a blouse or dress. Cashmere, soft and warm, lends a sense of comfort and chic to a sweater. Light, breathable linen is ideal for summer outfits.
By choosing quality fabrics, you not only offer comfort to your skin, but also a refined aesthetic to your outfits.
Moreover, layering different materials can add depth to your look. A mix of textures can be captivating: combining the fluidity of silk with the structure of tweed, or the softness of velvet with the lightness of poplin, creates a visually appealing contrast.

S'habiller après 50 ans gilet sans manche velours noir

Dare to be stylish

Dressing up after 50 doesn't mean that black, gray and brown have to be the only colors in your wardrobe!

Your style is an extension of your personality. To affirm it, take the time to understand what you're passionate about, what makes you unique, and let these aspects guide your clothing choices.
Whether you're classic, bold, casual or avant-garde, your style should be a faithful projection of who you are.

But having an assertive style doesn't mean being stuck in one register. It means being consistent in your appearance, yet adaptable to different occasions. Develop a versatile wardrobe with pieces that reflect your personal aesthetic while being appropriate for different situations, from the very formal to the casual.

Love floral blouses with big patterns? No problem, you can wear them with more classic pants.
Do you fancy that leopard skirt? Don't hesitate, and this little plain top will go with it.

Wear the shoes you like. Nowadays, sneakers can easily be mixed with suits or dresses. Pair your pumps with jeans, or your boots with a skirt.

s'habiller après 50 ans jupe longue léopard grande taille

Fun with accessories

Accessories are the finishing touches to an outfit, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. To refine your style after 50, rely on the right accessories.

They are subtle yet powerful elements of your style. Opt for scarves, delicate or exuberant jewelry, well-fitting belts, structured handbags or even hats. These elements can add a touch of originality to any outfit.

The key is to harmonize accessories with the outfit. They should complement the look without dominating it. Choose accessories that work well with the color palette and style of the outfit, while adding a distinctive note.

The most basic tee shirt will be immediately spiced up with a pretty necklace.

Conclusion: assert your style after 50

Dressing up after 50 is much more than simply selecting clothes and accessories. It's a declaration of confidence, authenticity and self-esteem through your appearance.

Asserting your clothing style involves cultivating confidence while remaining open to evolution. Self-confidence is the key to daring bold choices while accepting that your style may evolve over time, in harmony with your experiences and desires.

Details make all the difference. Well-fitted garments, carefully selected accessories and special attention to fabric quality add finesse and elegance to your style.

Affirming your style after 50 is a celebration of who you are. It's an expression of quiet confidence, mature sophistication and unique personality.

So have fun, and don't believe the naysayers who tell you that at 50 you have to start hiding.


Et oui Camille, plus on vieillit, plus notre style s’affirme. Bref, on se bonifie avec le temps ;-)

Nathalie Pinsard

Je suis dans la dizaine précédente mais j’applaudis ! Plus le temps passe et plus mon style s’affirme, plus je me fais plaisir et plus je me sens bien. J’espère qu’à 50 ans je me sentirai toujours aussi bien, mais avec les Militantes ça devrait le faire comme sur des roulettes !


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